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The Girls

Being at a girls only school was something that Sam had got used to after boarding from the age of 7 to 18. She enjoyed it and liked the company of girls and did not really miss the fact that there were not boys there. Many of the other girls complained about it and often spent their Saturday afternoons in the local... Click to Read More

The Party

At the age of eighteen and with her looks, anyone would expect Ali to be a girl of the world. However, nothing was further from the truth. Despite having very pretty baby blue eyes, blonde hair and a slim frame with pert breasts and a toned bottom, she had never been with a boy before or even had the opportunity to... Click to Read More

The Parting

She knew that they could not be together for much longer but just did not want to think that this would be the last time that they would be able to be close, to be intimate, to show each other how much they cared. Danny was going away and he would never be back, he had an incurable illness and wanted to live the rest... Click to Read More

The Power Cut

Annie was working late at the office. She felt like she had a lot to prove as she was new to the job and young. She was just eigheen years old, straight out of school and decided to try to get a head start in her career rather than heading off to university like her friends. She knew that she would have to work hard... Click to Read More

Preparing For A Math Exam

Sissy was no ordinary schoolgirl. She had lost her virginity young and had a very high sex drive. She was blonde and had the largest breasts in the school. On her slim frame they looked even bigger and she knew how to use them to her advantage. She always had a queue of boys willing to do her homework for... Click to Read More

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